Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Here We Go Again

I closed my last blog down earlier in the year, because I felt a little too much pressure (all of my own doing) to post, and made the mistake of it all getting a little too personal.

But I've missed having somewhere to put my creations, if only for my own benefit. I have my lovely team challenge thread, but I can't take all of that up! So, after being tagged by TCake, I thought it would give me the incentive to start one up again. And all I need now is for it to stop raining so that I can get outside and take some pics.

So, seven unusual/weird facts about myself, hmmmmm ...

1. I have an uncle (by marriage) who was eaten by a dinosaur.
2. I was an army child and moved 14 times, between 5 countries, by the time I was 21. At 24 I bought a house, and haven't moved since!
3. I once made a film to help train young soldiers. I had to pretend to be a terrorist, and then the soldiers had a week to try and locate me. I thought they hadn't spotted me at all, but at the end of the week there were hundreds of pictures of me where I had been "snapped".
4. I prefer to eat cake mixture raw.
5. I named my firstborn child after my favourite restaurant.
6. About 5 stone ago I could put my leg behind my head.
7. When I am nervous, I count. Footsteps, breaths, blinks, traffic ...

I'll tag any of my teamies who read this - you know who you are!

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