Monday, 19 November 2007

Stampin' Up ... and patience!

Earlier in the year I read somewhere that a company called Stampin' Up were coming to the UK. And quite a few people were quite excited about it! Now I had never, ever heard of Stampin' Up, so fired up the old tinternet and looked them up.

They are a direct sales company that started in America some 20 years ago. Their forte is rubber stamping, and they have branched out in accessories as well, mainly for cardmaking, but obviously incorporating scrapbooking, and other paper crafts too. Think Tupperware, but stamps!

So, I then had to wait for the date that all this was going to happen by. Eventually it was released that it would be 15th November. *drums fingertips* Rumours that the catalogue would be online prior to that date never actually came to fruition, so on the long awaited Glorious Fifteenth the catalogue was viewable. Yummy yummy gorgeous themed stamp sets, and the most amazing ideas of what you could create with them, so I signed up. I'm now official ... and still waiting! For my starter kit so that I can play and start ordering some more.

Prisca's Book

Earlier this month, my daughter and I were very fortunate to be able to spend a couple of hours at the Scrappers Unlimited retreat. We weren't able to do the whole weekend sadly, but had a very enjoyable afternoon. Chrissie had arranged for Prisca to fly over from France to teach a couple of her fabulous classes, and this is the one that we did.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Magnolia Stamps

I grew up with magnolia coloured walls, being in the forces, we weren't allowed to paint our quarters with any colour other than magnolia, so it doesn't hold the fondest memories for me. Until that is I discovered Magnolia stamps, what little sweeties these are!

These are two of the first cards I made with them, using the gorgeous BG Mellow 6x6 pack.

I'm thrilled that I have been bitten by the stamping bug, now I can finally get to use all the stamps I have been hoarding but not using for years. I'm counting the days til 15th November when I can sign up as one of the very first demonstrators for Stampin' Up in the UK.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Here We Go Again

I closed my last blog down earlier in the year, because I felt a little too much pressure (all of my own doing) to post, and made the mistake of it all getting a little too personal.

But I've missed having somewhere to put my creations, if only for my own benefit. I have my lovely team challenge thread, but I can't take all of that up! So, after being tagged by TCake, I thought it would give me the incentive to start one up again. And all I need now is for it to stop raining so that I can get outside and take some pics.

So, seven unusual/weird facts about myself, hmmmmm ...

1. I have an uncle (by marriage) who was eaten by a dinosaur.
2. I was an army child and moved 14 times, between 5 countries, by the time I was 21. At 24 I bought a house, and haven't moved since!
3. I once made a film to help train young soldiers. I had to pretend to be a terrorist, and then the soldiers had a week to try and locate me. I thought they hadn't spotted me at all, but at the end of the week there were hundreds of pictures of me where I had been "snapped".
4. I prefer to eat cake mixture raw.
5. I named my firstborn child after my favourite restaurant.
6. About 5 stone ago I could put my leg behind my head.
7. When I am nervous, I count. Footsteps, breaths, blinks, traffic ...

I'll tag any of my teamies who read this - you know who you are!